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[[So…I’m coming back to this blog for a little bit and I THINK my Dark-Rukia account, as well (yeah, shameless self-plug XD). If it goes well enough then I’ll go ahead and Keep on and maybe even open up the rest of my RPBlogs!! :D]]

Parents: Who are you texting?

Parents: Who are you calling?

Parents: Who are you chatting with?

Me: Jake from State Farm.

[[Okay…let me go ahead and write something really quick, and yes, this is ooc.


HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!! I have a computer. is it mine?……no. BUT it’s a computer none theless where I CAN edit vlogs and draw and…maybe even RP again in the very near future. who knows. I do have a better phone which I can RP on during the day. :) 

So…what do you think guys? I have all the passwords and e-mail address back for ALL of my accounts…Should I open this RP back up? o.o

(and yes, I posted this a multitude of times on different accounts…because I DO have a lot. O____O)


[[-is watching Lord of the Rings-



He snickered at the thought of Ichigo being responsible for him. “What? I’ve never heard such crap, I thought that was Tensa’s job. Anyway, people do get us mixed up, especially when I tell them I am you”. He shook his head in mock sadness, “People are so gullible”

He didn’t quite catch that last part. “Asshole”. But he mumbled back anyway. 

Ichigo’s eyes widen. “You what?? Why the hell would you do that?! Tell me you didn’t do anything too stupid.” Oh god, I can only imagine…what if he did what Kon did when he was in my body. Ichigo’s heart sinks. Or worse…oh no, no, no.

“per .. so .. na.”



[[Exactly. XD Did you get my ask? D:]]

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omg wat.
[[Exactly. XD Did you get my ask? D:]]